Legal Excellence: Future of Law (Virtual Event Series)

Legal Excellence: Future of Law (Virtual Event Series)


It took a 180 degree change in the Legal Landscape has drastically changed post pandemic! As we head into the new normal business world, higher set
of standard in reaching globalisation, changes in regulations, technological advancement, and the growing expectation that organisations tackle environmental, social, and governance issues are driving the change in the roles of the legal officer. The legal counsel has a panoramic view of the company that helps to ensure that ethics and compliance are considered in key strategy decisions.

Legal Excellence: Future of Law provides one-stop-platform to discover and discuss the agility a legal leader should possess in today’s world to deliver
desired results. Join us to harness your skills to become the tech-savvy lawyer and trusted ally to the board. Legal leaders must be able to communicate well beyond those top levels and engage with people throughout the legal team and across the organisation. To help create and communicate such change, legal leaders need both an excellent understanding of all their organisations’ operations and a familiarity with emerging trends and technologies across the business. But the real question is, do they have time for all of these additional evolutions their job is undergoing, on top of studying contracts daily? 

Achieving the right degree of independence and collaboration is a tough balancing act and that is why this highly exclusive 4 day conference “Legal Excellence: Future of Law” aims to assist you with managing contracts, forging stronger internal collaboration, minimising legal risk and combating crimes to guide your business towards maximum profit.

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