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Benefits of MCCA Membership


Grow your social and professional circles with like-minded individuals via our social and educational platforms.


Enhance rights and privileges of in-house counsel. With MCCA’s growth, we would be able to seek privileges, accreditation and exemptions which allow our members to be more effective professionally.


Attend training and continuous education programs conducted by experienced professionals and legal colleagues complimentary or at preferential rates.

In-House Jobs Board

Improve your career opportunities. The best jobs are not advertised in the mainstream media. With access to the large newtwork of in-house counsels our job board is the perfect place for you to find your next career.


Mentoring by senior members and peers. Many members have benefitted from getting a fellow member to listen to their issues and help with ideas.

Legal Resources

Have access to the best legal resources to assist your daily tasks, increase your knowledge, or keep abreast of current changes.

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