Join/Renew MCCA Membership

If you have not already joined, we are very pleased to invite you to join the MCCA.

MCCA is the premier organisation for the promotion and facilitation of networking, knowledge-sharing and continuing legal education for the corporate counsel community in Malaysia. We welcome you to click on the link below to apply for membership to the MCCA.


Membership Rates


A -Life Member N/A RM 1000 (one-time payment)
B – Ordinary Member Less than 10 years from PQD as at date of payment of subscription RM 50 (one-time entrance fee)
RM 100 (per annum)
B – Ordinary Member Exactly 10 years or more from PQD as at date of payment of subscription RM 50 (one-time entrance fee)
*RM 200 (per annum)
C - Associate Member Academics & Non-Practising Lawyers/Legal Counsel RM 50 (one-time entrance fee)
*RM 100 (per annum)
D - Corporate Member Application must be submitted by the Head of the Legal Department. Membership seats are held by the organisation and do not move with the employees. 3-5 member seats RM 500 (RM 100 one-time admin fee)
6-9 member seats RM 750 (RM 100 one-time admin fee)
10-15 member seats RM 1000 (RM 150 one-time admin fee)

*“PQD” means “Post Qualifying Date” and refers to the date of conferment of the first law degree.




Tired of struggling with your in-house career? Why not consider joining the MCCA today and enjoy all the
benefits such as in-house job boards, legal database access, mentoring and education to name just a few.

The premier organisation for the corporate counsel community