Membership Criteria

A person who qualifies as a Corporate Counsel would need to meet the criteria set out in the MCCA Constitution as below;

  • a Corporate Counsel means “a person who holds a degree in law from any tertiary institution and who is not in professional legal practice”.
  • any corporate or legal counsel who holds a law degree;
  • corporate or legal counsel working in government or public institutions, private corporations and other entities;
  • any corporate or legal counsel in any geographical area globally;
  • such other persons engaged in the provision of legal, contract management, administration, corporate secretarial services or other related activities, provided they fulfill the rest of the “Corporate Counsel” criteria referred to above;

Simultaneously, as mandated in the Constitution as below;

  • no person shall be invited to be admitted as a member if the applicant:
  • is an undischarged bankrupt, whether in Malaysia or elsewhere; and/or
  • is a member of the Malaysian Bar or any professional legal practice.


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