Workshop Series – Strategic Negotiation

Workshop Series – Strategic Negotiation


Corporate counsel trained in negotiating on behalf of their clients on legal issues, are often thrust into positions where they have to actively negotiate on behalf of their employers on corporate issues that are far more varied. Businesses exist not to win issues but to make profits for their shareholders and protect the interests of their stakeholders.

You are sitting across the other negotiating party, prepared to state the next issue, and that person is giving you the hardest stare you have encountered. That incredulous look of surprise and styles of impact and affect seems to convincingly brush aside your position. With difficulty in persuading, you feel the pressure of losing control of the situation. Your objectives are becoming increasingly difficult to materialise.

What happened to the preparation and strategy? All of us who have been on negotiating tables where the terms are equal or not tilted to our favour have been through this. This program will not eliminate all such situations, but will train and show the way on how to become increasingly better at this. Ultimately it is the continuous learning, sharing and experiencing that will bring out the best negotiators.

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