Seminar on Oil & Gas Law 2016

Seminar on Oil & Gas Law 2016


The global oil and gas industry is in the midst of one of the severest downturns in 30 years. Industry revenue for 2015 is estimated at 10 to 20% below that of 2014, with indusrty profits expected to shrink by 20 to 30%. That declingin trajectory seems likely to continue in 2016.

Petroleum is one of the major contributors to the growth of the Malaysian economy. This seminar arrives at a challenging time for the Malaysian petroleum industry since the sector is directly affected by the declining oil prices globally. At the seminar, th emost respected experts will gather and provide their critical analyses and resolutions addressing the issue of the declining oil prices and its impact on the Malaysian petroleum industry.

Event Details

IIUM Centre for Strategic Continuing Education and Training, International Islamic University Malaysia Campus, Malaysia

Email: Nur Aniza Alfian
Tel: +603-6207 3407


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